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Lavender Jelly, 9 oz


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The Pacific Northwest, particularly the rain shadow east of the Olympic Mountains, provides an ideal climate for cultivating lavender. Harnessing the essence of this aromatic flower, we carefully gather fragrant lavender blossoms from the stunning Olympic Peninsula to create the tea that forms the foundation of our Lavender Jelly.

Our Lavender Jelly has garnered praise from our esteemed customers, who often describe its taste as a faithful reflection of lavender's captivating scent. With each delightful spoonful, the jelly evokes the very essence of lavender.

Indulge in the exquisite combination of flavors by spreading our Lavender Jelly on freshly baked scones or English muffins. 

Additionally, our Lavender Jelly pairs exceptionally well with cheese platters, where its unique profile adds a distinctive touch to the array of flavors.

For an enchanting twist, stir it into a steaming cup of tea, allowing the soothing lavender essence to infuse the beverage and elevate your tea-drinking ritual.

Experience the magic of our Lavender Jelly, a delightful and distinctive gift that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest. 

Ingredients: Lavender tea (lavender and water), sugar, lemon juice and apple pectin.

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  • 5

    Posted by Patty Nutt on May 21st 2021

    We bought your lavender jelly years ago. We moved and I couldn’t find the menu of jams. I finally found it and I couldn’t wait to order it. Thank you it was one the best jellies we’ve ever had.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 20th 2019

    This is simply the most subtle gorgeous flavor I’ve tasted. I’ll be coming back for more!

  • 5
    Lavender Jelly is my favorite

    Posted by Lindsey Yates on May 24th 2019

    The lavender jelly made by Woodring's is one of my favorite jellies/jams/spreads of all time. It is subtle and unique, I always have to have a jar of it in the house.

  • 5

    Posted by Shaun McCann on Sep 21st 2017

    I was in Seattle visiting friends and discovered this little jar awesomeness at a West Seattle street market. It is now a staple in my kitchen. Several friends who I've had try this jelly are immediately experience a foodgasm.