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Chocolate Fudge, 9oz


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Woodring's Chocolate Fudge dessert sauce, a velvety-smooth, spreadable delight crafted from pure cocoa and local cream. With its satiny texture and rich flavor, this sauce is a perfect companion to elevate your desserts to new heights.

Immerse yourself in pure delight by generously drizzling our Chocolate Fudge sauce over a scoop of ice cream, where it creates a rich fudge experience that will enthrall your taste buds. 

Delight in the versatility of our Chocolate Fudge sauce as it transforms any dessert into a moment of pure bliss. Whether paired with ice cream, hot chocolate or simply savored straight from the spoon, this satiny-smooth, spreadable milk chocolate sauce will transport your taste buds to a realm of pure chocolatey ecstasy.

Ingredients: Cream (milk), sugar, milk, cocoa, butter (milk), brown rice syrup, vanilla.